All items in the Collection serve to portray vividly the spirit of the Age of Goethe:

The numerous coins, medallions and plaques with reliefs of statesmen, scholars and artists from Goethe’s world, along with the collection of glasses from the spa resorts visited by Goethe  and the pottery with views of Weimar, as well as the many city- and landscapes that show what places and areas looked like when Goethe stayed there and engaged with them, and also the numerous portraits and busts of contemporaries with whom Goethe exchanged ideas. The most often discussed testimonials of this intellectual world, however, are the many letters, work manuscripts, music scores and books, which for that reason are the Museum's most valuable possessions. Obviously, with more than 35,000 items, all these treasures cannot be displayed at the same time: Neither the exhibition rooms nor the observers’ capacity to absorb what they see would be able to cope. For this reason, the greatest part of the collection is stored in our archive and selections are presented on particular occasions as part of special exhibitions. In addition to this, individual items within the collection can be viewed by any interested party in the Study Room of the Museum upon request.




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